What Can I Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit


Climate Controlled Storage Unit1.Antique Wooden Furniture

We’ll start with an obvious one: leaving antique wooden furniture exposed to the elements can wreak havoc on its structure. The humidity and temperature fluctuations could warp and degrade even the most well constructed pieces of antique furniture. Whether it’s an antique piano or a family heirloom dresser, antique wooden furniture should always be stored in climate controlled storage units.

2.Consumer Electronics

Electronic equipment is one of the most important things to store in climate controlled storage units. If you have video equipment, audio equipment, computers, computer parts, or any other types of electronics equipment, then climate controlled storage units prevent moisture buildup. Even small amounts of moisture can short circuit your electronics when you turn them back on. When stored for long periods of time, rusting can also be a concern.


You can get away with storing clothing in a traditional self-storage unit. But if you want your clothes to look, feel, and fit the same when they come out, then climate controlled storage units are your best option. This is particularly important for furs and delicate pieces of clothing.

4.Media Storage Equipment

If you’re storing software, videos, DVDs, CDs, photographs, vinyl records, cassettes, 8 track tapes, or any other type of media storage, then climate controlled storage units can protect your valuable collections against the elements.

5.Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies

Pharmaceutical and medical supplies can degrade when stored outside a normal temperature range. Don’t believe me? Check your prescription bottle for storage instructions and you’ll typically see a recommended temperature range.

6.Anything Collectible

Whether it’s a classic car, an antique piece of furniture, vintage artwork, or even a bottle of wine, collectible items should always be stored in climate-controlled storage. You’ve held onto those valuable items for a long time – why risk them in inferior storage units?

7.Important Paperwork

Tax files and other important paperwork should be carefully stored in climate controlled storage units. Otherwise, they could degrade and become illegible.

8.Leather Furniture

We’ve talked about antique wooden furniture needing to be carefully stored, but it’s equally important to store leather furniture in a climate controlled environment. Leather is particularly sensitive to humidity fluctuations and can shrink, warp, and thin out when placed in traditional storage.

  1. Speacial Collection: If you have any speacial collections of any antique things then I think it is really recommended for you that you store them in a climate controlled storage unit.


Fluctuating temperatures can accelerate wine aging and can give wine an oxidized, metallic taste, according to Patrick Gilroy, co-owner of Wine Storage Bellevue in Bellevue, Wash. For collectors who’ve invested a lot of time and money in growing their wine collections, spoiling due to improper storage would be a nightmare.

“The biggest mistake in wine storage is to have the wine in a place that does not have a consistent, cool temperature,” says wine collector Jake Austard, who’s also a WSET certified specialist with Vintage Cellars in San Marcos, Calif.

So what is the best temperature for wine storage? Austard recommends somewhere between 55-57°F.

  1. Musical Instrument:

Musical instruments, though sometimes large, are very delicate and need to be handled with great care. Whether it’s short-term or long-term storage for instruments, temperature control is a must.


An acoustic guitar is a good example of a string instrument that can be damaged by temperature and humidity. Like a piano, its strings can snap when kept in the wrong conditions. High temperatures can also cause a major problem for the glues and adhesives that hold the instrument together.

“The good folks at C.F. Martin Guitars recommend temperatures between 72-77°F and a humidity level of 45-55%,” says Billy Penn, owner of 300 Guitars in Toms River, N.J. “When in doubt, do not keep an instrument in an environment you would not be comfortable sleeping in.”


Whether it’s fine frescoes or a Pinterest-inspired craft, climate-controlled storage is a good idea for artwork and art supplies.

According to Vanessa Amor, Business Manager of Museo Vault Fine Art Storage in Miami, Fla., even if you’re keeping artwork in file cabinets or diameter tubes (which you should) in your unit, it’s important to maintain the unit’s temperature. The best environment, she says, is about 50% humidity and a temperature between 70-75°F.

Craft supplies also need climate control. Take it from craft blogger extraordinaire, Susan Yates, of Crafterhours. “All fabric needs to be protected from UV exposure and moisture,” she says, which makes a climate-controlled unit the perfect fit for storing extra fabric or finished sewing projects. Yates also suggests clear plastic bins to seal out dust and moisture in storage.

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